TechCrunch covered Adobe's (now completed) $600 million acquisition of Neolane 24 hours ago. And no one -- repeat, NO ONE -- cared about it. Not even one comment was left in an otherwise comment-heavy blog. This prompted me to leave the following comment myself:

"Yawn. Another boring $600m enterprise software exit no one wants to talk about." Come on people, this is exciting stuff! The Marketing Cloud Wars have begun: Salesforce vs Oracle vs Adobe. They're battling it out for the CMO IT Stack. (The winner likely gets to be clobbered by Google or IBM). These big players have realized that marketing technology is going through a once-in-a-generation change. And with the emergence of high velocity marketing and sales, everyone -- especially CMOs -- is trying to make sense of this tsunami of data. By acquiring Neolane, Adobe is at once acknowledging this trend and accelerating it (by pushing marketing data proliferation further mainstream). But patience is advised. It will take a few more years for the dust to settle. And not without innovations in marketing analytics (such as we're attempting to build at BrightFunnel) to help separate the signal from the noise. 

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