Too often, it's said that B2B marketers aren't good at being creative. That we can't be funny and effective at the same time. To those critics, I say: boo! And I want to present a brilliant counterpoint. No, not my alma mater Salesforce. Sure, Marc Benioff is a genius enterprise marketer  -- unlike, say, his sporting-event management-challenged mentor -- but that example is tired. 

I wanted to give the example of an emerging technology company, BlueJeans (aka Blue Jeans Network) that's made 3 exemplary moves for an enterprise tech company. This is a great case study for any emerging enterprise company:
(1) "Roominator" video - TechCrunch ran an interesting story profiling their latest marketing campaign. You have to watch the video to understand. I LOL'd (at the Blue Rhino moment, to be precise). I almost cried (at the baby). I was afraid for  the protagonist (choosing between The Wife and The Boss). Why is it brilliant? Because it hits the technology buyer with EMOTION. Instead of talking about boring video conferencing technology, it gets at the universal trade-off between Work and Life we all face. It's memorable. It's funny. Just watch it. I'm not saying every CMO should go hire professional actors and writers to create a similarly slick video. But learn from its smart messaging. (Sell whiter teeth, not peroxide-laced toothpaste. Don't make your premium sushi sound like dead fish).
(2) Work From Home Positioning (and subsequent Yahoo trend-surfing) - BlueJeans Network has positioned themselves as a Work From Home solution, which everyone can relate to (and is a secular, growing trend); vs. another player in a crowded-sounding space like "video-conferencing." Not only that, they effectively and tastefully trend-surfed the minor scandal at Yahoo related to Marissa Mayer's comments on WFH.
(3) Company name - The company name itself is a smart play on the value of the product. It's not "RemoteVid" networks. It's BlueJeans. Love it or hate it as a name, you know what it stands for. What this suggests is that even the technical founders of the company were savvy about marketing and positioning from inception.

Any emerging enterprise technology or SaaS company can learn from their example. Great example of creative and effective B2B marketing. Let's celebrate it. 

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