About Me

I am a founder and product management leader with 20 years experience in cloud applications and platforms. I'm currently VP, Product Management at Databricks, where I'm focused on platform. I was previously at Uber, where I've worked on simulation, visualization and ML platforms for autonomy software development for self-driving cars, as well as growth and ad tech.

Nadim Hossain

Prior to Databricks and Uber I was the cofounder and CEO of BrightFunnel, a data, analytics and attribution platform for marketers. The company was acquired after scaling to $5M in ARR and 50 employees. Before that, I was VP at PowerReviews ($150M+ exit) and have held product roles at Salesforce, Amazon and McAfee and started my career as a consultant at Bain & Company. In addition to SaaS, the last 8 years of my work have focused on data and AI. You can learn more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

On the personal front, I live in San Francisco with my wife, two young kids and an old poodle. I was born a Bangladeshi national and spent my formative years in Switzerland, Japan and India. I moved to the US as a seventeen year-old to attend Cornell University, where I majored in economics and philosophy and had the opportunity to spend a year at Oxford as a visiting student at Lady Margaret Hall.